Mega Machu Picchu - 13.5 GB Image ::

This shot was taken at the end of the 4 day, 42km walk along the Inca Trail carrying over 10kg of camera equipment for the primary purpose of taking this photo!
Total Resolution :: 1500 MegaPixels (approx 60,000 x 26,000 pixels)
Camera Used :: Canon 10D, Canon 100-400L lens
Total Photos Used :: 404 (95% at 400mm, 5% at 100mm)
Time to take Photos :: 65 minutes
Software Used to Create Image :: Autopano Pro using SmartBlend
Time to Render Image :: Approx 11 hours
Final Image Size :: 13.5 GB!
Web Viewer Software :: Zoomify, with 31,805 demand-loaded images

Here is the link for 13.5 GB image Mega Machu Picchu

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