Run Commands in Windows OS


command/cmd  - Opens command prompt
compmgmt.msc - Computer management
devmgmt.msc    - Device manager
diskmgmt.msc   - Disk management
dfrg.msc              - Disk defrag
eventvwr.msc    - Event viewer
fsmgmt.msc       - Shared folders
gpedit.msc         - Group policies
lusrmgr.msc      - Local users and groups
mailto:                - Opens default email client
msconfig            - System Configuration Utility
msinfo32           - System Information
perfmon.msc    - Performance monitor
regedit               - Registry Editor
rsop.msc            - Resultant set of policies
secpol.msc          - Local security settings
services.msc     - Various Services
sysedit               - System Edit
win.ini                - windows loading information(also system.ini)
winver               - Shows current version of windows

Commands to access the Control Panel :

appwiz.cpl               - Add/Remove Programs control
desk.cpl                   - Display Properties control  
findfast.cpl              - FindFast control
fonts                         - Fonts Folder control
inetcpl.cpl                - Internet Properties control
main.cpl                   - Mouse Properties control
main.cpl keyboard - Keyboard Properties control
mmsys.cpl sounds  - Sound Properties control
mmsys.cpl               - Multimedia Properties control
netcpl.cpl                 - Network Properties control
password.cpl           - Password Properties control
printers                   - Printers Folder control
sysdm.cpl                - System Properties control
timedate.cpl            - Date/Time Properties control