Bypass All Advertisement Links

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Hello users! Tired of clicking on ads again and again and can't wait for your favorite download link ? don't worry we have a website for you which will help you to bypass links. It's name is "De-Ad URL" or "Dead URL" is an online tool used for skipping or bypassing these shortened annoying links on the web.

Using this online Tool you can get original link without wait for 4-5 seconds. This tool can also be used with browsers that don't support java script also.

You just need to navigate to this website and paste the ,, Link Bucks or others link and press Deadfly! boom you will be taken to the original source website.

With respect of others tool, You can use this one with all browsers, and all devices: PC, MAC, MOBILE, TABLET, and so on. Always update and no need to install anything.

1. Navigate to the web site Deadfly and paste, Linkbucks, or others links

2. Press Deadfly! button and waiting for processing (generally takes less than 1s ).

3. That's All. Now, it will show you the original bypassed link.Click on link to open original web site.

Break/Unlock/Remove WinRAR Password Protected File


Hi all users, are you tired of Password Guarded WinRAR files? Want to know how to bypass that without the need of a Winrar password remover or cracker? Want to know how I found out the special way to remove the password and GAIN full control of what's in my computer ? Let's see how to do it.

1. Password Protected WinRAR
2. Internet Connection

Ok, so what you need to do first is, go to your password protected WinRAR file, if ANYTHING in there is password protected, you extract the WHOLE WinRAR file, if theres a WinRAR file in another WinRAR file and it's password protected then you simply extract it to your desktop. Unless it's a normal folder or anything.

Now go to this website

Upload your file, and wait. Doesn't even take long, then download it again, if you have WinRAR installed then it will open in WinRAR but in .zip format, now double-click and go to your password protected file, BOOM.

Now you are Done.

Receive Free Text Messages Without Revealing Your Phone Number

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Completing the registration process on sites like Facebook, require the entering of your mobile phone number in order to receive sms verification or confirmation. If you don't want to disclose your own mobile number you can always use one of the numbers below. You will then receive a confirmation sms on our web page, simply click on the chosen number to read your message. Don't forget to refresh the page to see your new messages.

If you want to receive text messages and don't wanna reveal your real identity to the sender of the message, you can try one of these websites.

Earn Money By Sending SMS & Playing Simple Quiz

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Previously we posted some small earning tips which you might be following.
If Not Click Here to follow those posts and earn some some money.

This time we came up new site which is good in paying.

ULtoo offers a unique and innovative platform to the users across India to send FREE SMS at lightning speed and rewards its users with FREE mobile recharge in return.

We call it unique because it provides you with some exceptional features:
Not only you can stay in touch with your loved ones at zero cost, but can also earn from this.It allows you to import your existing contacts. You can easily import your contact list using an Excel sheet.

It guarantees an exceptionally fast delivery of SMS. Your message gets delivered to any number all over India within seconds.You can also redeem your earnings in the form of FREE mobile recharge.

Registration with ULtoo would not take more than a minute.

It has an easy to use interface. The website is user friendly and provides guidance to users at every action.Users are awarded with incentives on performing certain activities on the website. Here, your every action helps you to earn.

You get paid starting from the very first action of yours i.e. Registration.
Other activities which pay you are: E-mail verification, Successful referral by E-mail /SMS, Every time you send an SMS.

So, the more you send, the more earnings go in your wallet.

The amount earned by the users can be redeemed in the form of mobile recharge.
By keeping our users largely in view, they have included all the major telecom operators for your maximum benefits.

ULtoo has been created with a sole motive of providing an incredible super fast website to users for sending SMS and earning for the same.

So, what are you waiting for,Click Here to register and start earning some bucks.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Adding Google Plus Comments Widget To Blogger


Google has introduced latest commenting system that integrates Google+ comments with Blogger blogs.This new commenting system is a major improvement over the default Blogger system, and it supports threaded comments.It also looks a lot better.

The upgraded commenting system preserves the existing comments, but the future comments require a Google+ account.That means, visitors can no longer post comments anonymously, using an OpenID account or using a Google account that hasn't been upgraded to Google+. When posting a comment, visitors can also share it on Google+.The new commenting system doesn't just show the comments posted on Blogger, it also shows all the Google+ messages that link to the post and their comments.

Anyone who comments on your blog will be shared with all of your followers on google plus and it is like promotion of your posts.If you get many comments your followers will be prompted to see your post and hence it increases your traffic.
Your Blog post may get more plus one's which may enhance it's search engine visibility.

So, Lets see how to Add this Google Plus Comments Widget To Blogger in simple steps
1. Login to you Dashboard and find Google+ symbol and click on that

2. If you haven't upgraded your Blogger profile to a Google+ profile then click on Get Started and follow the instructions.

3. Tick Mark on Use Google+ Comments on this blog

That's it. Hope you found it Very Simple.
Feel Free to share your thoughts

Stylish Email Subscription Box For Blogger Below Every Post


Stylish Email Subscription Box always grabs the attention of visitors.
This widget is gonna obviously increase your chances of getting more subscribers.
Each Bloggers knows the importance of subscribers and visitors and every one one to present the content in their unique way. That is probably the reason why, Most of the pro Bloggers are using unique and attractive E-Mail subscription box and they have lots of Subscribers.
And hence im presnteing you one Stylish Email Subscription Box for newbie bloggers.
so let’s see, How to Add it to your blog.

How to add Stylish Email Subscription Box :
Go to blogger Dashboard.
1. Click on Template.
2. Click On Edit HTML

3. Now Press 'CTRL + F',a search box will appear.
Type ]]></b:skin> in search box and find that code.

4.Now just above that code, copy and paste the below code.
/* Start E-mail Subscription */
h4{font-size:22px;border-bottom:1px solid #746E6E;letter-spacing:2px}#shetoldme input[type="email"],.sl_in_mail{margin-right:-6px;padding:16px
0 16px 40px;border:none}#shetoldme
90px}#shetoldme input[type=submit]{border-radius:0;box-shadow:none;padding:6px
20px 6px;letter-spacing:2px;border:none;background:#E06;cursor:pointer;color:#FFF}#shetoldme
0 8px}#shetoldme.efooter{background:none}#shetoldme.efooter
form{text-align:left;padding:0}#shetoldme.efooter input[type="submit"],#shetoldme.efooter input[type="email"],.wg_in_mail{padding:10px;letter-spacing:0px}#shetoldme.efooter.sidebar{background:#3C3C33;padding:5px}#shetoldme.efooter.sidebar
/* End E-mail Subscription */

After adding the above style code it's time to add email subscription code to above comments and below each post.So lets add the HTML part.

Now in the same search box find the below piece of code.
<div class="post-footer-line post-footer-line-3">

Now just above that code, copy and paste the below code.
<!-- Start E-mail Subscription -->
<div id='shetoldme'><form action='' method='post' onsubmit=';;, &apos;popupwindow&apos;, &apos;scrollbars=yes,width=700,height=400&apos;);return true' target='popupwindow'><h4>Email Newsletter</h4><div class='counter'>Get Our Latest Articles Directly Delivered to Your Inbox </div><input class='sl_in_mail' name='email' placeholder='Enter Your Email Address' type='email'/><input name='uri' type='hidden' value='SheToldMe'/><input name='loc' type='hidden' value='en_US'/><input type='submit' value='SUBSCRIBE'/></form></div>
<!-- End E-mail Subscription -->

Now copy your Feed Burner ID in the highlighted red color in the above code.
Now just refresh your page and check it.
Hope you liked this email subscription box for blogger above comments.
Feel free to use, comment and share.

Get Free Mobile Recharge from Amulyam

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Amulyam is the web's smartest instant incentive marketing program that offers prepaid mobile recharge and movie tickets for free for doing what you already do online like buying flight tickets, registering on websites, shopping online, subscribing to matrimony or movie rental websites, applying for loan, insurance, credit card...etc. 

The word 'Amulyam' means the invaluable or priceless in Sanskrit.It clearly describes the significance of free mobile recharge or movie tickets we offer.

How Amulyam Works :
Click Here to visit  Amulyam and register for free by giving your personal details including your email ID and mobile number.
Once done this first part, now all you need to do is to click on the paid mails they sent and get the credit for the same.The minimum amount for each mail can be 25 paise on wards.
Delivered more than Rs.1 crore of free mobile recharges already.
Rs.10 is the minimum free recharge amount that amulyam supports for all Indian mobile operators.

5 Simple Tips to Get Rs.10 Free Recharge Quickly :
  1. Login daily and get up to 25 paise credits for daily login
  2. Participate in Special Offers that gives free money credits instantly
  3. Play Contests and win up to Rs.10 free recharge
  4. Invite your friends to amulyam and when they join, get Rs.1 for each registration
  5. Once your wallet reaches a minimum of Rs. 10, then you can recharge the same on your mobile
If you are looking to earn some additional free recharge for your prepaid mobile, I would surely suggest you to register free at Amulyam and start getting free talk time.