Adding Google Plus Comments Widget To Blogger

Google has introduced latest commenting system that integrates Google+ comments with Blogger blogs.This new commenting system is a major improvement over the default Blogger system, and it supports threaded comments.It also looks a lot better.

The upgraded commenting system preserves the existing comments, but the future comments require a Google+ account.That means, visitors can no longer post comments anonymously, using an OpenID account or using a Google account that hasn't been upgraded to Google+. When posting a comment, visitors can also share it on Google+.The new commenting system doesn't just show the comments posted on Blogger, it also shows all the Google+ messages that link to the post and their comments.

Anyone who comments on your blog will be shared with all of your followers on google plus and it is like promotion of your posts.If you get many comments your followers will be prompted to see your post and hence it increases your traffic.
Your Blog post may get more plus one's which may enhance it's search engine visibility.

So, Lets see how to Add this Google Plus Comments Widget To Blogger in simple steps
1. Login to you Dashboard and find Google+ symbol and click on that

2. If you haven't upgraded your Blogger profile to a Google+ profile then click on Get Started and follow the instructions.

3. Tick Mark on Use Google+ Comments on this blog

That's it. Hope you found it Very Simple.
Feel Free to share your thoughts

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