Get Free Domain Names & Also Earn Awesome Rewards

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TK is a FREE domain registry for all websites on the Internet. It has exactly the same power as other domain extensions and moreover it's free! Because it's free, millions of others have been using .TK domains since 2001, which makes .TK powerful and very recognizable.

Dot TK is the only country code top level domain registry that provides FREE domain name registrations. The number of people choosing Dot TK domain names are increasing with thousands every day. Currently there are almost 2 million active Dot TK domain names on the Internet. Dot TK is the most popular free domain name known to the internet community and is frequently used for all kinds of websites.

It has the largest free domain Registrar in The world. They are running Ambassador Program for the affiliates to get cool rewards.

It's a point system, you will earn 5 Fish when you refer someone and you can Redeem your points on Barter Market.

What Things you can earn ?

75 FISH = Dot TK Paid Domain (Upgrade Domain for Next 2 Years)
100 FISH = Dot TK Baseball Cap
100 FISH = Set of Stickers (60 piece)
150 FISH = Laptop Mouse
200 FISH = Keychain Digital Photo Frame
150 FISH = Dot TK WiFi Detector
200 FISH = Dot TK Polo Shirt
250 FISH = MP3 Player
250 FISH = Dot TK Webcam
250 FISH = Card Reader
300 FISH = T-Shirt with your domain
750 FISH = Set of 100 pens
1000 FISH = Digital Photo Frame

How To Get Started with Dot TK Ambassadors Program:

1. CLICK HERE to visit the website.
2. Create any Domain to register to the site
3. Now verify your account by clinking on verification link was sent to your Email id.
4. Login to Dot Tk and you will see "Ambassadors" link on The top menu. Just click it you will Enter to the Ambassadors Program
5. You will see "Promote Tk-it! and earn" Banner at The bottom, just click it Generate a banner and get HTML Code
6. Promote HTML code with your friends and earn rewards Once you get 75 fish then you will be able to Redeem your Points with Cool prizes.

Creating A Custom Or Vanity URL For Google Plus

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Creating A Custom Or Vanity URL For Google Plus
Google Plus does not provide you with a Custom Or Vanity URL for your own profile page or brand page.

Presently Google Plus is using long ID in the URL and there is no such link as and so it’s hard to remember or to tell your friends about your G+ link.

The reason Google+ doesn't use vanity URLs is because it may lead to spammers figuring out the email addresses of millions of Google+ users.

To direct people to your profile page, you will need to e-mail them or prepare a hyperlink or an icon on your website and when they click on it and link to your Google Plus profile page. Such a long process.

Well, we are here with a tip to make it easy with the help of GPlus.
GPlus is a simple web app that will let you choose your own username and give you a short, custom link for your Google Plus profile page. Here’s how.

Customize Google Plus URL With GPlus

Go to your Google Plus profile page and copy your ID from the URL.
Note that copy only your ID as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Creating A Custom Or Vanity URL For Google Plus

Once you copied, now go to the GPlus homepage, enter your desired username and paste your Google Plus ID, then click ‘Add‘.

After you click add, GPlus will provide a personalized URL to your Google Plus profile page, as highlighted in Green color in below screenshot and this link is now yours.

Creating A Custom Or Vanity URL For Google Plus


GPlus is not associated with Google Plus, therefore the link provided is just a redirect link and not exactly your Google Plus vanity URL. But now when people ask you how to get to your Google Plus profile page, you can just tell them to go to

Here is my Claimed G+ Id :
Have you claimed your Id yet?
Feel free to post your G+ Id and let us know if you have any doubts.