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A good-looking commenting system is a must for every blogger as it can build communication between all users and lot of traffic increased through this. Even through this platform we can gain some back links too.


Previously we discussed about adding Google plus comments widget to blogger which is limited to only Google users but this time I came up with another commenting system called Disqus which got full of advantages.


Disqus is a quite neat commenting system which accepts multiple logins to register like Facebook, Twitter, Google else you can register manually for your desired username. Moreover we can integrate this in to Blogger without any hectic codes. This can be integrated in almost all kind of websites/blogs. Many popular sites are already using this commenting system as it got bundle of of good features.


Some Salient Features Of Disqus :

  • Great Design
  • Social Integration 
  • Real Time Commenting
  • Comment Moderation
  • Mobile Commenting 
  • Spam Controller
  • Threaded Commenting System
  • Star and Reactions In Comments
  • Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down
  • Edit & Delete Comment and many more...

Integrating Disqus with Blogger: Head over to Disqus and register yourself a free account by filling all the details and move to the next step. Disqus Email Registration


In the next step fill in your site details to create a unique profile for your site and click on Finish Registration. Disqus Site Registration


In this step it will ask you to select a Platform. Just Select 'Blogger' and proceed to the next step. Disqus Blogger Selection


After selecting 'Blogger' as your platform, you will be redirected to a page which consists of two main steps

  1. adding commenting system widget to your blog
  2. importing existing comments from blogger to Disqus.
Disqus Setup Instructions


Lets go ahead with step1 first and later we will complete step 2.


Step#1 >> Adding Widget : Click on Add "Your Site Name" to my blogger site and a new window will pop out which will allow you to install the widget in our blog.

Disqus Adding Widget

From the list select your blog and press the blue "Add Widget" button as shown in above screenshot.


It should install Disqus commenting system in your blog/site and should show as below snapshot.

Disqus Widget For Blogger

If you guys still following me and successfully installed the widget, lets move ahead and import the comments.


Step#2 >> Importing Comments: In order to import all your old comments just go to Discussions Tab and select Import Tab. Disqus Importing Comments


In this Import menu we should again select Blogger tab where you can find a button to "Import comments from Blogger". Just click on that so that it imports all those comments which are previously published on our site. After clicking the "Import comments from Blogger" button Blogger will ask your permission to grant access. Just click "Grant Access" button to give the permission.

Disqus Grant Access For Comments


After granting the permission you will be again redirected to Imports page and able to see a new option to "Choose a blog to import from" which will allow you to import comments from your blog. From the list select your blog and click on "Import" button.

Disqus Import Blogger Comments

Now you will see the message that your import has been successfully uploaded and queued.


Conclusion :

Cheers! Now Disqus is successfully integrated into your Blogger. All the old comments will be processed and will be available on your site once the Disqus team finish their review.I think it’s a great commenting system and one more thing which I forgot to tell you that it allows us to generate a decent amount of revenue by showing some advertisements. You can find that in Analytics tab.


I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and if your struck at any point or got any question then feel free to ask me from below commenting system.

Gracias and Adios

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