Host Your External Files In Dropbox For Free

Drop box is a free cloud storage service that lets you host your files also. If you hadn't registered yet, then visit Drop box to claim your 2 GB of space for free, moreover you can upgrade your space up to 16 GB without paying a single penny with your referrals, where they are offering 500 MB per referral to both sides. Means if you refer any person then you and the person you referred will get 500 MB of free space.You can host your external files like CSS, JavaScript ..etc.


Why Should I Host ?

If you open your Blogger template by clicking on Template and then on Edit HTML, you will find some external CSS or JavaScript files which are hosted on some other servers.

Blogger Template

What happens if

those private servers become down or offline.
user removed those files.
bandwidth exceeds… etc..

lot of questions will rise like this and moreover our control will not be there on those files. So to avoid all those hectic issues we need to place them at our own free server which is reputed and also got 99% uptime.

So, Is It Unlimited !

No, its not unlimited but you can get lot of it. Here is the catch, for Free accounts, the total amount of traffic that all of your links together can generate is 20 GB per day. For Pro and Business accounts, the limit is 200 GB per day. Visit here for more info. If your happy with this lets move ahead and learn how to host.

Hosting Your External Files :

1. Login to your Drop box and click on Public Folder.


2. Right Click on empty space or just beside Public folder name you will find Upload button, Click on it.

Dropbox+Upload+Button | Dropbox+Upload+Button

3. Click on Choose files and select the file you want to upload.


4. After upload is complete Click on Done and Right Click on the uploaded file.

Dropbox Upload Done

Dropbox Upload Finish

5. Click in Copy public link to grab your public link.


6. Copy the link and you can use it anywhere like below example

<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>
*My Uploaded CSS

<link href='YOUR DROPBOX COPIED LINK HERE' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>
*Use this for your uploaded CSS

<script src='YOUR DROPBOX COPIED LINK HERE' type='text/javascript'/>
*Use this for for your uploaded JavaScript file

7.You can even shorten your links and use them as given below


<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>

Final Words :

Hope, I'm clear with this small tutorial in hosting the files. Feel free to ask if you face any hiccups. See you with other tip. Adios!

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