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Back links play a important role for your blog as it not only generates traffic but also increases your Page Rank. Writing a Powerful Content and Getting Back links will definitely make a successful blog. But what can you do if someone copies your content and use that in their blog without linking back or giving any credit to your hard work. We can resolve this by simply adding Tynt script to our blog.

What is Tynt ?
Tynt is a powerful tool which will keep track of all the contents copied from a site and automatically links back to the original article. Whenever someone copy content from your site and pastes it into an email, blog post, face book or anywhere else then a Read more link along with creative commons attribution license, Facebook and Twitter profile links are automatically added at the bottom of the text which is copied from your blog. With this tool your traffic increases and SEO also improves.

Copied Content :

Tynt Copied Content

Suppose someone copied the above content and pasted anywhere, then it will paste as below content.

Pasted Content :

To turn it off go to your Google+ account, then go to your account settings, then got to Google+ Settings page and scroll down for Auto Enhance and set it to Off.

Read more:
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How To Get Tynt ?

Visit Tynt and click on Get The Code


Fill up the form and submit to get registered with Tynt.


After you hit on submit you will be redirected to a page where a Tynt script is given as shown below.Copy the script and go to Blogger now.


Adding Tynt To Blogger :

◾ Login to your Blogger  >> Dashboard

◾ Select Template and Click On Edit HTML


◾ Search for </head> tag and paste the Tynt script just above it which we got earlier.


◾ Save the template and again go back to the Tynt site.

◾ Scroll down to find Test the script button and Hit it after you fill in your site url.


◾ You will get a success msg as shown below.


Final Words:
Do remember that minimum 8 number of words are required to be copied, to have an attribution link added. Visit your publisher dashboard to customize your attribution link according to your needs. You can even add Twitter and Facebook names also. Hope I'm clear enough with this tutorial. Do subscribe for latest updates.

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