Show Or Hide >> Play / Enqueue In Winamp For Folder Context Menus


Image Credits : Winamp

In this simple tutorial, I will explain you about how to Show or Hide Play in Winamp option for folder context menus.

If you look at the below screenshot you can see that all the below folders are music files only but when you right click on them it is not showing Play in winamp or Enqueue in winamp option. Now, lets head and fix that.

Winamp+Without +Play+Context+Menu

Play /Enqueue In Winamp For Folder Context Menu :

Open Winamp click on Options and select Preferences.Winamp+Options

Select File types and on right side you will find an option ‘Show Winamp actions in the folder context menu’. Just tick mark that option.Winamp+Preferences

Winamp+With +Play+Context+Menu

If you want to hide the context menu options then just uncheck the option.

Share your thoughts if you this simple tutorial helped you.

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August 10, 2017 at 1:30 PM delete

Thanks man, very cool advice, I have never betrayed WinAmp, and still think that is the best music player of all time! By the way here u can always find the best versions of this genius application!