Download Torrent Files Directly Without Any Torrent Software | ZBigz

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This post is for those who want to download torrent files but without using any applications like uTorrent or any other as they feel unsafe,or don’t want to be traced or may be any other restrictions.

To be quick ZBigz is the solution for that.

How to use ZBigz :

1. Visit ZBigz

2. Grab any torrent link url and paste it in the textbox and hit the Go button


Else you can upload the torrent file by downloading it also


3. In the next popup select Free option and your file will be downloaded to the server.


Mostly your file will be downloaded to the server within minutes and will be available for you to download.Now download your file and enjoy.

Note :

Please note that the maximum size of the file should not be more than 1 GB.I would recommend you to register so that your file will be available in your account for 7days and only 2 files can be stored as Free user.

If you want to remove these limitations you can become their premium user.

I have also a made a small video also for more brief. Please watch and share your thoughts.