How To Install Tempered Glass Screen Protector | Installation Video #OnePlusOne

Tempered Glass Screen Protector From OnePlus uses premium glass from Japan’s Asahi Glass Co., They say each screen protector is heat treated and thoroughly stress tested to ensure the highest levels of rigidity and smoothness. This OnePlus Screen Protector is extremely scratch resistant, transparent and shock resistance.


Installing Tempered Glass Screen Protector is very easy and you can do it with breeze so don't panic..

Key things to Note:

1.Go to a room where there is Full light and No Air.
2.Switch off Fans/close doors/windows avoid dust particles as it attracts quickly. 
2.Remove dust particulars clearly
3.Don't use any tools (I learned this after using, u can see that in my video)
4.Be very cautious when placing the screen and don't touch the bottom side as it got adhesive

Installation Video:

For Unboxing : OnePlus One
For Installation : Samsung Galaxy Grand

Screen is awesome and Colors look vibrant. Touch sensitivity has increased after installing this. Its like we not even installed anything. I highly recommend this and I give a thumbs up.


Are you going to buy this?
If you already bought, how did u installed this?
Comment below.

Ask me if you got any doubts.

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Invented by chemically processed real glass, that holds excellent window display, high sensitivity and comfortable touch feeling, The Oleophobic coating (anti-oil processing) acts as a shield from irritating fingerprints and oil, which does not remains on the surface and is easy to clean. The layer of glass on top of the display ensures that in case of any mishap, it is the screen protector that shatters and not the display. The classy and different patterns add much style to your tempered cover.