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OnePlus One Tempered Glass Screen protector comes in an amazing packing with a book case type box following the same OnePlus packaging philosophy and of course with ultra fast delivery by Amazon at no extra cost.

Package Contents:
1. Screen Protector.
2. OnePlus NEVER SETTLE Card.
3. Positioning Tabs (2).
4. Microfiber Cloth.
5. Dust Removal/Old Screen Guard Removal sticker. (2)
6. Squeegee Card (To Remove Bubbles).

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Review :
Great value for the complete package.Tempered Glass is very light and sturdy. Fit exactly for the screen with perfect limits and also has rounded off edges. Couldn't notice any weight on the mobile. Touch screen response improved.

+ Easy to install
+ Price (I ordered for Rs.399/-)
+ Clear instructions for installation
+ Look and Feel
+ Screen is awesome.
+ Colors look vibrant
+ Touch sensitivity increased.
+ Looks like we not even installed.

Cons :
- Not anti fingerprint.

Verdict :

This Tempered Glass made with Premium Materials gives you protection without adding bulk. Buy it from Amazon India

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