Remove Dark Theme or Material Design from Google Chrome

Recently Google Chrome launched its new version 53 which sports Material Design and some people (including myself) dint like this when we open the browser in incognito mode.If your also looking to get back the old look then don’t worry, it can be turned OFF and ON.


In the newer version, it’s all about the Material Design.These changes include introduction of a Dark Incognito theme, Tabs are larger with sharp corners, navigation elements are thinner, bookmark folders are flat and grey, hamburger menu changes to 3 dots, redesigned pages for Downloads & Extensions etc.I mostly use incognito mode and i dint like the new interface, so thought to disable the new changes.

Here is how to remove it.

1. Type chrome://flags in the address bar and press enter.

2. Press Ctrl+F, type "Material Design". You will see a setting Material Design in the browser’s top chrome.You can choose between default, non-material, material, and material hybrid. Change it from Default to Non-Material.

3. Press Relaunch Now button to restart and the web browser should be back to normal.

Note: There are so many other options you can experiment but keep in mind that they are experimental and may cause problems for the browser.

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